Were looking to party



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Last year's top party school has been knocked down a few rungs.

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University of Iowa From last year's second hardest partying school all the way down to sixth place. The UK public were asked if they were looking forward to this year's work Christmas party. But health is above all and this.

Were looking to party

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Their new 1 ranking gives the students at UWM one more thing to celebrate this week — as if they needed an excuse to rage. The colleges represented were rated on everything from their financial aid to food options on-campus and, of course, the social scene.

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I see great things in this college's flip cup future. This year they will have to try harder to put the "liberal" back into liberal arts college.

The "Rebels" are finally living up to their team looknig. Colgate University This just goes to show that a vigorous academic schedule need not detract from getting yo' drink on!

We lookng really hopeful to come and bring the #90s for you. University of Mississippi University of Mississippi has finally made it to the top ten list!

Were looking to party

Congrats Colgate for making the top ten! Tulane University A lesson in burlesque? Dots closer to the line represent tighter races, and wider bars mean more uncertainty about the outcome.

Answer 1 of Hey, My friends and I are planning a trip to South Amercia around dec 20th to loojing We are looking to travel to Ecuador for a few nights and are. University of Wisconsin-Madison If you are looking for a good house party scene this Wisconsin school will not disappoint! Forecasts do not add to in some races due to rounding. Syracuse University Syracuse was 1 in with popular Greek life, basketball and requisite tailgatingand campus-hosted parties.

While not every year-old wants to be on a campus that is round-the-clock raging, if you are looking for schools with party culture, this list is a good place to start. Do it for Bucky the Bison. By Lily Feinn Aug. The forecast updates at least once a day and whenever we get a new poll. To all the party people who were looking forward to tomorrow.

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We know you guys can get back to the top with a little more lookint Each party's majority chances include scenarios where the Senate is evenly split and that party holds the vice presidency in our presidential forecast. Maybe it was all that studying? Lehigh University Lehigh and its " work hard, play hard " motto has been working it's way steadily up the list for years. University of Georgia, which last parhy ranked at eight, and University of California-Santa Barbara UCSBwhich came in at six, have dropped off the list entirely.

If no one gets a majority, two candidates go to a runoff. Bucknell University Dropping from f ourth place in to the fifth slot must be disappointing. West Virginia University WVU is no stranger to the top ten list, and as long as there is beer pong to be played they're not going anywhere.

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To determine which campus partied loking this year,college students across the country filled out an intense question survey while doing a keg-stand, I hope? What went so very wrong, guys? The Princeton Review has released its list of top party schools inand congratulations University of Wisconsin-Madison, you are one in fun!

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