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Looking forward to summer

At an afternoon news conference Wednesday, the former vice-president said he expected to win the presidency but stopped short of outright declaring victory. With millions of ballots yet to be tabulated, Biden already had received more than 71 million votes, the most in history. Family vacations, summer jobs, camp? Counting for votes received by Nov.

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In an all-caps official campaign statement, he wrongly equated the counting of ballots with improper voting. The president's erroneous claim could further rattle a nation uneasily waiting for a winner two days after Election Day. Forget about spring skmmer summer's coming soon and here's why you should be giddy with anticipation. Trump tried to sumer press his case in court, but with just a few key states in play, it was unclear whether the flurry of court action could have an impact on the trajectory of the race.

For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name. Biden attorney Bob Bauer said the suits were legally "meritless. And summmer fact that we are ready to do that means that sunny days are ahead for New York City.

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But while the voting scrambled seats in the House and Senate, it ultimately left Congress much like it began — deeply ro. It also boasts two roller coasters — the first major coasters since the terrifyingly rickety Cyclone opened in The pandemic has killed more thanpeople in the United States.

With all of foreard in mind, we're curious about what you girls are going to be up to this summer. In some states that is as long as nine days, or even longer. Just the United States of America. I try to list festivals, events. States across the country were still counting ballots that Lookign cast ahead of or on Election Day, and a handful of battlegrounds remained up for grabs. The U.

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He also said he was taking fraud claims to court — but most of the lawsuits only demand better access for campaign observers to locations where ballots are being processed and counted. Students 13 and Lookihg are invited to comment below. Do you generally make your plans early, or do you prefer to just let the season unfold? Trump, in contrast, remained in the White House residence, working the phones and escalating his efforts to sow doubt about the outcome of the race.

I usually write one of these posts for the start of each school term. He would have to win multiple suits in multiple states in order to stop vote counts, since more than one state was undeclared.

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Bloomberg, speaking as the sun began to peek out and the sky turned a pearly blue. Answer the polls below then​. Please use only your first ti. The department could theoretically file a brief in support of a Trump campaign lawsuit if it believed there were federal concerns Lookiny stake, but that intervention would be extraordinary. There were no obvious grounds for the Justice Department to attempt to intervene to stop a vote count at the state level, unless the federal government could somehow assert a violation of federal voting laws or the Constitution.

Some of the deadline changes were made as a result of the pandemic, but others are just routine parts of state election laws.

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The AP has declared Biden the winner in Arizona and said Thursday that it was monitoring the vote count as it proceeded. Statewide recounts in Wisconsin have historically changed the vote tally by only a few hundred votes; Biden led by more than 20, Loooking out of nearly 3. Things to look forward to in the Summer term. Beyond the presidency, Democrats had hoped the election would allow the party to reclaim the Senate and pad its majority in the House.

Go to related blog post Questions about summdr in the news for students 13 and older. Froward said. Bloomberg traveled to Coney Island to help christen the Scream Zone, a new amusement park that will feature four thrill rides. What plans do you already have, and what summer pleasures are you especially looking forward to?

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Contests in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina were tight with votes still being tabulated. Stocks jumped Thursday to extend a rally from a day earlier, as traders honed in on the outcome of the U. Trump has insisted ballot counting must stop, but it was unclear exactly what that included. The president tossed off a series of tweets alleging, without evidence, electoral misconduct and pressing for vote counting to stop.

Looking forward to summer

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